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I had a tough time defending my client from these two pros on Law and Order: SVU.  Of course, to be fair, my client didn't really have a case.

Wrapped shooting for Boys and Dads, an NYU Tisch thesis film directed by Taylor Natiello.  

Wrapped shooting for Run, a Columbia MFA short directed by Vaibhav Rao.

More chances to see two early Eugene O'Neill plays - Recklessness and Now I Ask You - at the Metropolitan Playhouse! We've extended our run: 


"'The Long Christmas Dinner' and 'Pullman Car Hiawatha' are miniature masterpieces, at once poetic and profound, and I doubt you’ll ever see either one done better." -The Wall Street Journal 

Full review:

The production runs through January 10th, so get your tickets today!

Excited to perform with the Peccadillo Theater Company in their production of two excellent Thornton Wilder one acts: The Long Christmas Dinner and Pullman Car Hiawatha!  


Buy tickets here:


Check out the Playbill article here:


Just finished playing Prince Oliver from Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer's latest story "Off the Page" at the book's promotional events in the US and UK!  It was a blast!

Check out this video to see some of my work as Prince Oliver from Jodi Picoult's latest novel "Off the Page!"  

I'm honored and excited to be nominated for OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING ACTOR in a Drama Series at the LA WEB FEST 2015!  Proud to share 7 nominations in total with the cast and crew of Small Miracles!

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