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TV: "Law & Order: SVU"

Attorney Robert Kluger defends his clients in and out of court.

Web: "Off the Page"


Prince Oliver explores the real world now that he's finally escaped the confines of his fairy tale book!  

Film: "Run"


Peter hurries to get to work, but his girlfriend won't let him use the car.

Web: "Off the Page"


Prince Oliver on High School in the real world. 

Performance Reel:

"Exposure": Peter tries to control his girlfriend.  "Don't Schmuck It Up": Page hits on a stranger.  "Shatter Me": Warner shows Juliet he doesn't need to ask for permission.

Web Series: "Small Miracles"


A young man convinces his father to allow him to study music in Atlanta, despite his father's concerns about the approaching Civil War.

Film: "Walk of Shame"


22-year-old Brad takes high school Evelyn out to party and things take a turn for the worse.

Film: "Impact"


My character (Eric) tries to give his friend Nick the courage to conquer his fears and make the most of his life (and ask a girl out).

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